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13000 Series Scrubber Cartridges Send in the Replacement ASTG 13000 Series Scrubber Replacement for Spectra 5100 series scrubbers ASTG 13000 Series Scrubber are of slightly larger diameter (4.5” vs 4.0”) than the Spectra Gases / Linde 5100 series scrubbers. The canister has a lower height to accommodate the same volume of media as the Spectra Gas / Linde scrubbers. This allows the optional secondary scrubber to be installed in the same assembly while still meeting the same overall fitting-to-fitting dimension. If the secondary scrubber is not required for a specific application, or an external unit is preferred, a spool piece will be inserted to maintain the same fitting-to-fitting dimension. 1/4”; 3/8” and 1/2” Swagelok Compression fittings or 1/4” or 1/2” male or female VCR connections can be supplied on the 13000 Series scrubbers. The canister itself is constructed with a 3/4” FNPT outlet and a 1/2” FNPT inlet. This allows a variety of end connection choices while holding the overall length from fitting-to-fitting the same. Scrubber Media: Fluorine Laser Gas Mixes Laser gas mixtures containing Fluorine are reacted on Alumina to form Aluminum Fluoride. A secondary adsorber filled with Calcium Sulphate is used to capture any HF released as a by-product of the Alumina to Aluminum Fluoride reaction. Hydrochloric Acid Laser Gas Mixes Laser gas mixtures containing HCl are adsorbed on Activated Carbon impregnated with Potassium Iodide, or a bed consisting of 1/3rd Activated carbon and 2/3rd Granular Potassium Iodide. A secondary adsorber filled with Calcium Sulfate is used to capture any trace Chlorides and Bromides that may be released during adsorption. To place an order please call 1.888.363.2541
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