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Ductless Toxic Gas Scrubbers Toxic Gas Containment No Connection Required ASTG Ductless Toxic Gas Cabinet Scrubber System No ductwork required, No tools required for for Scrubber Element change-outs Utilizes ASTG’s proprietary Toxic Gas Detector (TGD) & Gas Management Safety System (GMSS) It is often necessary to have just one or two toxic gas cabinets in a facility that does not already have a ducting system with centralized exhaust scrubber for toxic gases. ASTG has developed a complete scrubbing system with integrated redundancy that can be installed on top of ASTG’s line of Gas Management Cabinets. The scrubber unit consists of a 1,000 cfm blower and two scrubber elements in series. The standard system incorporates an ASTG quick-replace Toxic Gas Detector downstream of the first scrubber element to detect break through. This will shut the system down automatically. The second scrubber element will capture any toxic gas carried over from the primary scrubber to ensure no toxic gas is recirculated back into the room. An optional second TGD can be installed downstream of the second scrubber element if desired. To place an order please call 1.888.363.2541
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