Laser Gas Systems & Solutions


Gas Management Systems

High-Quality Cabinets and Pre-engineered Components


Toxic Gas Detector

First Line of Defense in Critical Gas Management


Gas Management Safety System

Pre-engineered Safety Control Component

for ASTG's Gas Management Cabinets 


Gas Management Overwatch

Computer Automated Management

for ASTG's Gas Management Cabinets

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Toxic Gas Detector Retrofit Kit

Toxic Gas Detector Up-grade Kit

for existing gas management cabinets


Scubber Elements

High-Quality Cabinets and Components


Pre-assembled Regulators

Assemblies for Excimer Laser Gas Mixes


ASTG 13000 Series Scrubber

Suitable Replacement for Spectra 5100 Series Scrubber


ASTG 50000 Series Scrubber

Superior alternative to Spectra 31655 Series Scrubber 


ASTG Room Scrubbers

Portable Self-Contained Scrubber Systems


ASTG Ductless

Toxic Gas Cabinet Scrubber

Ductless Toxic Gas Containment