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Room Scrubbers Let’s Clear the Air ASTG Excimer Laser Gas Room Scrubbers & Purifiers Two configurations available: Room Scrubber & Room Scrubber with Cylinder Storage Cabinet. Both configurations can be customize per your requirements Room Scrubber In this application Air is brought in at the lower front and passes through the filter/scrubber assembly by a circulation blower that exhausts on top of the cabinet back to the room.  The room scrubber has two casters with brakes on the front corners and two rigid wheels at the back to allow easy movement from room-to-room.  The optional Toxic Gas Detector and Toxic Gas Safety System is integrated into the system to allow the system to be fully functional as soon as the power cable is plugged in at the new location. Room Scrubber with Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet In this application the Room Scrubber is integrated into a ventilated gas cylinder cabinet. This cabinet can store up to eight #3 gas cylinders. The active scrubber media is tailored specifically to maximize absorption of the acid gases typically found in Excimer Laser gases – Fluorine (Hydrofluoric Acid when exposed to air) and Hydrochloric Acid. Required scrubber change-outs can be accomplished without tools via the front access cover. Increase Efficiency, Safety and Peace of Mind ASTG’s series of Purifiers & Scrubbers have been pre-engineered to utilize our proprietary Toxic Gas Detector (TGD) & Gas Management Safety System (GMSS) The base system runs the fan continuously with no Toxic Gas Detectors (TGD’s). The scrubber element is changed out periodically.  The system is designed to integrate a variation of ASTG’s Toxic Gas Safety System (TGSS) with quick-change TGD system. This provides an indication that a release has occurred. (see separate brochures on ASTG’s TGSS and TGD’s for more information). A low noise and power options adds a small fan and air filter to provide a continuous representative air sample to the TGD. When the TGD detects that a release has occurred, the main blower is started to scrub the air in the room or gas cabinet. The power saving is 13 Amps at 120V. The noise reduction between the quiet 47 cfm, 25 dBA sample fan, and the 1,000 cfm main blower is substantial. Depending on the cost of power, the power savings should pay for this option in 12~18 months. These components allow the scrubbers to work quieter and with increased energy efficiency. A ultra-quiet fan circulates a stream of room air past the TGD which only starts the main blower in the event of a release. On average, customers have experienced a 12 to 18 month payback in power savings. Additional options are available to further tailor the system to a customer’s specific requirements. To place an order please call 1.888.363.2541
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