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Toxic Gas Safety Systems Increased peace-of-mind in the event of a toxic gas release Toxic Gas Detector (TGD) provide initial warnings of toxic gas releases. When combined with our Gas Management Safety System (GMSS) toxic gas cylinders are automatically isolated and any leaks are mitigated and safely vented. ASTG Gas Management Systems PRE-ENGINEERED COMPONENT
First Line of defense in critical gas management ASTG Toxic Gas Detector (TGD) Developed for the safe storage and management of gases. Each of our TGDs are calibrated to detect a specific toxic or reactive gas (ASTG offers sensors for over 30 gases).  The gas sensor head and electronics are packaged in a small polycarbonate enclosure with a NEMA 4X rating (dust and weather proof and suitable for outside installation). ASTG TGDs incorporate a mount system that allows them to be mounted to gas cabinets, room scrubbers or on walls. This allows replacement in under a minute without requiring tools.ASTG warrantees our TGDs for 12 months and will replace any that fail within the calibration period. ASTG offers to send a reminder to our TGD customers 30 days before the calibration period runs out.  Analytical Science and Technologies Group offers a buy back program. Should a customer wish to participate, they can remove and send the TGD back to ASTG in the case it was shipped in. ASTG will issue a core credit. Refurbished and re-calibrated TGDs are offered at considerable savings over new units. Simple, accessible, color-coded control ASTG Gas Management Safety System (GMSS) Each of our Gas Management Enclosures are designed to seamlessly integrate our Gas Management Safety System (GMSS), eliminating the need for a cumbersome external mounted system.The GMSS is designed around our Toxic Gas Detectors (TGD), which can be directly built into any gas cabinet. Our TGDs can identify more than 30 toxic and reactive gases and enable an easy annual exchange with freshly calibrated detectors, without tools. You will have peace of mind knowing our safety system comes with completely integrated shut-down interlocks, a flow switch mounted directly on the ventilation air flow and emergency stop button accessible on the outside of the gas cabinet. You and your team can safely exchange cylinders while keeping the GMSS completely operational. In the event of a toxic gas release, you can have confidence knowing the valves will close immediately, while the alarm system activates.To place an order please call 1.888.363.2541
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For an overview of ASTG’s specialty gas services and product line, 
please visit our company website at ASTG Gas management Systems Analytical Science and Technologies Group     2 Spring Street, Newton, NJ USA 07860     ph: 1.888.363.2541     em:     www.anascitech

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